Friday, September 2, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Yellow

Happy Friday! The good news is that not only is it Friday, but it's the Friday of a long weekend!

The bad news is that it's the last Friday of summer. This means no more of my summer Fridays, where I get out at noon. 
As I was walking home from the T station, I was a little bummed that I hadn't done more with my summer, taken full advantage of the half days or the beautiful weather. Then I saw the Copley Farmers Market! So many people were out enjoying the day, it was fun to walk around the area and people watch.

I browsed the stands at the Farmer's Market. There were tons of beautiful flowers, jams, and delicious looking produce. I was picking up some fabulous looking zucchinis when I saw a sign for yellow watermelon. About a month ago a friend, told me about this fruit, and I've been dying to try it since. I was so excited to see it, I immediately bought one. The watermelon at the stand was on the smaller side, so I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

On the outside, it looked just like a regular watermelon. In fact on the way home, I worried I didn't actually have a yellow watermelon in my bag. I mentally prepared myself for disappointment.  

I came home and cut open my purchase. I was thrilled to see the juicy yellow fruit. It was kind of hard to tell where the yellow ended and where the white of the rind began. 

I'm skeptically tasting it
I sliced myself off a piece and was surprised to taste...well, watermelon. I don't know why but I kind expected it to taste somewhat special.  I think it'd be a really fun thing to put in a fruit salad with red watermelon, especially if you were having people over or something.

I'm skeptically liking it

I'm excited to have some watermelon in the house. I don't know why I don't buy it more often. I always crave it after summer runs. It's so tasty and refreshing it's the perfect post-run treat. This is especially good since I'm due for a loooooong run this weekend.

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