Friday, September 30, 2011

The Fun of Registering

The future hubby and I had quite a big week in the wedding planning world. We booked our florist, had our engagement photo shoot, and registered!

I'll admit I was a bit nervous about registering. Having lived together for over two years, we pretty much have all the basic home items covered. (Especially with our recent blender addition.)

Then I talked to family and friends, who pointed out we would "need" to register for china, entertaining items, and general updates of what we have. Hmmmm, sounded like fun. Between roommates, moves, and general wear and tear, our basic home items are a bit warn. Out with the old and in with the new!

Our future china pattern!
Once I realized this, registering became much more fun. I only needed to get the boy to realize this. He didn't seem excited by shopping, the promise of new items, or even using the registry gun. As we sat down with the registry expert to set things up, I could see his eyes glaze over with boredom. When china patterns came up, I'm pretty sure he had a few daydreams about hanging himself with a table runner. After handling the administrative details, we got our gun and were sent on our way.

After looking at formal flatware, I saw a display of beer glasses and mugs. I saw my fiance's eyes light up as I asked, "Do you want any of those?" I gave him the gun, and I could see the scowl lift from his face. We wandered through cookware and kitchen appliances, and he happily zapped away. It wasn't until we got to the bath section that he became drunk with power. He'd sneak off into the corner, and I'd hear the faint beep of the gun. There were more than a few surprises when I got home to look at our registry online.

"Did you see the hot chocolate?" he asked with a grin. The box was identical to the kind we had in our cabinet for almost a year. Delete!

Other surprises I kept on for the moment, figuring no one would get us shampoo and conditioner dispensers.

A few days later, when talking to his mother, she mentioned someone had already bought something off our registry. I dreamed of KitchenAid attachments, the new bedspread that I fell in love with, or perhaps the toaster (yup, I currently make all my toast in the oven). His mother then told me it had been then handless soap dispenser. Not a Margo-picked item. Figures.

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