Friday, September 30, 2011

The Fun of Registering

The future hubby and I had quite a big week in the wedding planning world. We booked our florist, had our engagement photo shoot, and registered!

I'll admit I was a bit nervous about registering. Having lived together for over two years, we pretty much have all the basic home items covered. (Especially with our recent blender addition.)

Then I talked to family and friends, who pointed out we would "need" to register for china, entertaining items, and general updates of what we have. Hmmmm, sounded like fun. Between roommates, moves, and general wear and tear, our basic home items are a bit warn. Out with the old and in with the new!

Our future china pattern!
Once I realized this, registering became much more fun. I only needed to get the boy to realize this. He didn't seem excited by shopping, the promise of new items, or even using the registry gun. As we sat down with the registry expert to set things up, I could see his eyes glaze over with boredom. When china patterns came up, I'm pretty sure he had a few daydreams about hanging himself with a table runner. After handling the administrative details, we got our gun and were sent on our way.

After looking at formal flatware, I saw a display of beer glasses and mugs. I saw my fiance's eyes light up as I asked, "Do you want any of those?" I gave him the gun, and I could see the scowl lift from his face. We wandered through cookware and kitchen appliances, and he happily zapped away. It wasn't until we got to the bath section that he became drunk with power. He'd sneak off into the corner, and I'd hear the faint beep of the gun. There were more than a few surprises when I got home to look at our registry online.

"Did you see the hot chocolate?" he asked with a grin. The box was identical to the kind we had in our cabinet for almost a year. Delete!

Other surprises I kept on for the moment, figuring no one would get us shampoo and conditioner dispensers.

A few days later, when talking to his mother, she mentioned someone had already bought something off our registry. I dreamed of KitchenAid attachments, the new bedspread that I fell in love with, or perhaps the toaster (yup, I currently make all my toast in the oven). His mother then told me it had been then handless soap dispenser. Not a Margo-picked item. Figures.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Adventures in Breakfast Making

I am useless before I have my AM cup of coffee. A fact that was only reinforced by my mornings this week. Take today for example. We have a Kerig coffee maker. Kerig pretty much is as easy as coffee-making gets. You fill a mug with water, pour the water into the machine, put a coffee pod in the machine and hit the brew button. Easy, right? I followed those steps and walked away. A few minutes I came back and realized I hadn’t put the coffee cup underneath the brewer. Luckily, Kerig has idiot proofed the machine to have a tray that holds exactly one cup of coffee. So easy to clean-up!
Panera, please deliver to my bed.
I’d like to say that this was my first coffee mistake of the week, but alas, it’s not. The husband-to-be and I have a reusable pod that you can fill with coffee grounds. In order to use this you have to remove part of the Kerig pod holder. This part has a tiny needle that pokes a hole into the coffee pod, allowing the water to go through the pod and brew delicious coffee. Earlier this week, I removed the reusable pod but didn’t put in the pod holder. I simply stuck my pod in and hit brew. When I came back, I put milk in my cup and was about to take a sip when I realized that my coffee looked like, well, milk in a cup of hot water. Happy to report I noticed before taking a sip!

Other morning adventures include dropping a smoothie covered frozen strawberry down my white shirt I had planned on wearing to work. (the smoothie was sooooo good though!) I also reached into the cupboard above our sink to grab a mug, only to have a travel mug come flying down into our sink of dirty glasses, shattering a pint glass. Broken glass in the morning=not fun.

From now on, I think I should just stick to buying my coffee...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Vitamix it Up

Happy Monday!

It was hard going back to work after such a great weekend. Luckily I took Wednesday off, so knowing it's a short week certainly made today easier.

I came home to find a very special package at my door...

It's my new blender! My mother was nice enough to give me and my future husband this generous engagement gift. As if my mother doesn't do enough for us! 

I forced myself to go on a five mile run before playing with my new toy. Running in the afternoon heat was easier knowing I could make a cool smoothie once I got home. 

I want to make it all!
Upon investigation I saw that the blender came with a handy recipe binder. The manual came hole punched and there was a hole-punched pocket that held the warranty information. Both fit nicely into the recipe binder. This is totally brilliant. 

After reading the instructions and cleaning the mixer, I got started on my smoothie. I threw in some blueberry greek yogurt, skim milk, frozen berries, a couple tablespoons of chia seeds and a big scoop of peanut butter into the mixer. I figured it was a bit of a PB&J inspired smoothie. 

Perfect Summer Dinner
I think the berry flavors actually masked the peanut butter. I could barely taste it. Note to self: Add more PB in the future. Rookie mistake.

Ok, time to investigate the recipe book and watch the Patriots play some Monday night football! Go Pats!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Case of the Mondays

Mother Nature has a
case of the Mondays
Happy Monday Tuesday everyone! Three day weekends are always such a treat, especially when a short week follows. Though starting on a Tuesday always seems to throw off my internal calendar. Today just feels like a Monday, and the rainy weather only makes it feel more like a Monday!

Working at a college, it definitely feels that summer is over. The students are back, and the first day excitement is in the air. Coming into work, there were actually people out and about on campus. Poor kids who have an 8am class on the first day. Yuck! In college, I definitely liked to sleep in. I think the earliest class I ever took was a 9:30am, which was an intro to Communications class that was required by everyone in my major.

The weekend was relaxing. I did a ton of reading and finished Super Sad True Love Story on Friday night (like the cool kid I am). A friend had invited me to go see Sarah’s Key on Monday, but I wanted to read the book first. So Saturday, I started the book and finished within 24 hours. Despite being a heavy subject matter, the book had very short chapters and ended up being a quick read. I also finally bought Born to Run. I've heard it's a "must read" for runners, so I have high hopes!

You may be wondering how I got so lucky to lead the glamorous life of reading on a Friday night. I actually cooked myself a big pasta dinner and enjoyed a low-key evening, because Saturday morning I had a long run!
I’ve been slacking in the training department, so the run didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I did get in 16 miles with quite a few walk breaks. It was a beautiful morning to run, and I listened to an audiobook on the run, which was really enjoyable! We’ll see how this weekend goes…
On to the work week!

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Yellow

Happy Friday! The good news is that not only is it Friday, but it's the Friday of a long weekend!

The bad news is that it's the last Friday of summer. This means no more of my summer Fridays, where I get out at noon. 
As I was walking home from the T station, I was a little bummed that I hadn't done more with my summer, taken full advantage of the half days or the beautiful weather. Then I saw the Copley Farmers Market! So many people were out enjoying the day, it was fun to walk around the area and people watch.

I browsed the stands at the Farmer's Market. There were tons of beautiful flowers, jams, and delicious looking produce. I was picking up some fabulous looking zucchinis when I saw a sign for yellow watermelon. About a month ago a friend, told me about this fruit, and I've been dying to try it since. I was so excited to see it, I immediately bought one. The watermelon at the stand was on the smaller side, so I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

On the outside, it looked just like a regular watermelon. In fact on the way home, I worried I didn't actually have a yellow watermelon in my bag. I mentally prepared myself for disappointment.  

I came home and cut open my purchase. I was thrilled to see the juicy yellow fruit. It was kind of hard to tell where the yellow ended and where the white of the rind began. 

I'm skeptically tasting it
I sliced myself off a piece and was surprised to taste...well, watermelon. I don't know why but I kind expected it to taste somewhat special.  I think it'd be a really fun thing to put in a fruit salad with red watermelon, especially if you were having people over or something.

I'm skeptically liking it

I'm excited to have some watermelon in the house. I don't know why I don't buy it more often. I always crave it after summer runs. It's so tasty and refreshing it's the perfect post-run treat. This is especially good since I'm due for a loooooong run this weekend.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ready, Set, Blog!

So, I have no idea how to start a blog. I’m pretty sure that anyone reading this already knows that I like to run, bake, volunteer, and that in a few months, I will be marrying my fabulous boyfriend.
The World Wide Web can blame thank Jane for my ramblings. A long, long time ago not too far away, Jane told me that I should start a blog. Well ask and you shall (eventually) receive.
To kick-off my blog, I went to Jane’s first post for a little inspiration. Thank you, Jane…

Hi, my name is: Margo

Never in my life have I been:  Tall enough to reach the top shelf in the kitchen. Cute when you’re a kid, now kind of a pain.

The one person who can drive me nuts is:
I have one or two people who fall into this category, but if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

High school: My school was really small. I was really quiet. The 10 year reunion is coming soon…scary!

When I’m nervous:  Get really quiet and fidgety.

The last song I listened to was:
 “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

Me with Katie as her MOH
If I were to get married right now my best man/maid of honor: My high school best friend Katie.

My hair is:  Blonde
When I was 5: I was in Kindergarten.

Last Christmas: I got engaged!!!

I should be..:  getting ready to run.

When I look down I see:  My feet, which are in desperate need of some TLC.
So very happy!

The happiest recent event was:
Attending my friend Danielle’s wedding in Florida. So much fun seeing old friends and celebrating the happy couple!

If I were a character on ‘Friends’ I’d be:  Well I wish Rachel, but probably really more like Marcel the Monkey.

By this time next year:  I will be planning my 30th birthday. Yikes!

My current gripe is: That summer is almost over.

Me with That Girl
I have a hard time understanding: when people talk quietly. I am probably going deaf.

There’s this girl I know that: Inspired this post! 

I like when: I help someone 
My parents, looking so proud.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:
Whichever parent picked-up the house phone. I feel like no one is ever more proud than your parents.

Take my advice: Everything is easier with a smile.